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We start the walk in the 1 Sant Domènec historic site. Here we will find the church and Gothic style cloisters. The rest of the compound is occupied by an old people's home. Facing the small square here, there is an attractive cross which is also in the Gothic style.

On the other side of the street, by the river, there is a statue of the city's last count: 2 Jaume of Urgell, The Wretched.

On the avenue which bears his name, a few metres ahead, is the old 3 "l'Esquerra" Mill, which is now the 3 Segre Gold Information Centre.

We continue our route along the 4 Transsegre park.

In the middle of Pere III Avenue there is an interesting building called 5 Xalet Gramunt. This is the headquarters of the Fundación Margarida de Monferrato. This foundation organises various cultural activities and collaborates with different bodies and associations in Balaguer.

> By the Pont Nou bridge, at the beginning of the 7 Passeig de l'Estació there is a statue in honour of 6 Gaspar de Portolà, the explorer who colonised California.

Right in the middle of the Paseo, in the Sardana Square, is a Californian sequoia tree, complete with plaque to commemorate the giving of the tree by the American town of Pacifica as a symbol of the link between the two communities. On the left hand side of the square you will find a very interesting cake shop. It is the 8 shop of the great cake maker, Mr Lluís Muixi. Inside his shop, which is open during normal business hours, you can visit a permanent exhibition of well-known figures made from chocolate and sugar.

At the end of the Passeig you will find the train station, with services running on the Lleida to Pobla de Segur line. This line is known by tourists as the 9 "Lake Train" (Tren dels Llacs) as it spends much of its route passing by lakes and reservoirs.

To end the route, we take the Sant Crist Street which leads us to Barcelona Street where we can find the 10 Sagrat Cor church, built in the mid 20th century with modernist elements. Next to it is the parish house.