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Opposite the church there is a 1 statue in honour of Guifré el Pilós, which represents the four stripes of the senyera- the Catalan flag. The area next to the statue has been set aside for parking.

The church, currently undergoing restoration, is only open on the second Sunday in May, to coincide with the annual meeting organised in the 2 Santa Maria de les Franqueses monastery.

On the right side of the temple, you will see the remains of what was once the convent: the wine cellar, the cloister, and a group of attached lodgings surrounded by a protective wall.

On the left side of the monastery is the 3 Poetry footpath which goes around the area of the old religious centre. It is formed of a combination of trees, verses and tables, in case you wish to have lunch there.

Further ahead, in the middle of the path you will find a 4 monument dedicated to the traditional Catalan dance, the Sardana, and in front of that a newly constructed fountain.

The 5 Franqueses park is right next to the fountain. It is a riverside woodland area popularly known as la bultra. More than 80 species of vegetation can be found in the forested area. There are also more than thirty information plaques about the species you can find here.

If you like to walk, the Primera Marrada footpath connects the centre of the city with this beautiful monastery, situated in the middle of Balaguer's fertile plain.