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The 1 Sant Crist sanctuary is located at the highest part of the city, where there are the 2 stations of the cross.

We start our route in front of the Sant Crist church. There is a small souvenir shop located on the left part of the façade, inside the arcade.

Inside the temple you will see a single nave, and in the first chapel on the right are the offerings of the devout. The city's patron saint, Sant Crist of Balaguer presides over the high altar. The patron is widely revered in the city and further afield. Side stairs lead up to the image so that people can revere it.

Just to the right of chancel is an open chapel which connects the church to the Santa Clara monastery. Here you can see a sculpture of the Almatà Virgin, which presided over the temple when it was formerly known as the Santa Maria d'Almatà church. On the other side of the nave is the candle chapel where two large pulpits have recently been added to the church.

On the outside of the temple, facing west we can see the old entrance door as well as a large rose window which is currently being remodelled.

The surroundings of the church offer us a plethora of possibilities of things to do. There is a viewing point where we can look over the vegetable gardens, the river and the expansive plains of the Urgell lands. There is also a park which invites us to take a sit down and relax, and if you have children with you there is a play area with swings to keep them entertained.

The remains of the 3 Formós Castle are located opposite the church. Originally built as a fortification, it was later used as a palace for the Muslim rulers, and later still as the residence of the Urgell counts.

It is currently closed to the public as restoration work is being carried out on the old wall which protected the palace.

To gain access to the castle you need to cross the deep moat that originally surrounded it. The city's water deposits are located inside.

As a result of the various excavations, the old landscaped area of the palace has been uncovered, as well as a chamber, the arsenal and a viewing area which was being constructed at the time of demolition.

The 4 Pla d'Almatà archaeological site is located very near the church and the castle, on the west side of the church. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in Catalonia. Various digs have been carried out since 1983, and these have revealed a large part of the urban network which existed in the Pla. At the moment remains from the Muslim city- madina, are being excavated, dating from the 10th to 11th century. In fact, the archaeological site is dedicated to uncovering and explaining the daily realities of life in a madina andalusi.- (Moorish city).

Right in front of the site is the 5 Reial Park, a fantastic green space with wooden tables and a children's play area. It is a ideal place for a picnic.

To finish the route, you can return to the city centre through the park, which joins the gully popularly known as the Barranc dels Rucs (Donkey gully) and leads to the 6 Torrent gateway. This opens out onto the street that links the historic centre and leads to Sant Salvador Square.